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This incredible 2D mobile game was created by just 3 developers in their 20s.

Although just having 150 players in Hellanoid, the indie developers, Joe Games continuously releasing updates to expand the game. The game featuring an Archer who is equipped with a bow and arrows is available for free in the Playstore worldwide. The game was developed in a remote team consist of developers around their 20s. Joe Games is also planning to develop and integrate music streaming app which will increase user experience.

Hellanoid : Archer vs Dragon is a game where player will be playing as the archer equipped with a bow and arrows to fight the incoming dragons.

About Dodge Infinity

Title: Hellanoid: Archer vs Dragons
Publisher: Joe Games
Developer: Joe Games
Platforms: Android
Genre: 2D Casual
Price: Free
Players: Single Player
Rating: 3+

Download from Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.joegames.hellanoidarchers&hl=en



Game Features

  • Tap and Hold screen to move the archer upwards
  • Collect coins and buy new characters
  • Set your own highscore and compete in the leaderboard
  • Kill the dragons continuously to charge your ultimate power

About JoeGames:
Joe Games (002711425-X) is a small team of game developers working remotely from various countries such as Malaysia,Spain,Brazil,India and Pakistan. Mukesh and Ikmal , Malaysians are the founder of Joe Games. The studio was formed with the purpose of creating fun, creating competitive games , and mainly to make gamers game with purpose. Hellanoid , is the developer’s debut title.

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