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Joe Games on why Space War:Protect The Moon isn’t an attractive game as their previous game,Hellanoid:Archer vs Dragons.
Space War:Protect the Moon is a series by Joe Games (www.teamjoegames.xyz) where the game is set in the space. Protect the Moon is a simple tapping game where users have to tap on the incoming asteroids to explode them in the mission of saving the moon.

There will be 8 levels to be finished by the user before the user can play the Endless Mode to be ranked in the leaderboard.

After receiving critics on the game , the founders of Joe Games say this game were made as a side project when Joe Games was facing some financial issue that they were unable to continue the development of Long Run. The developers wanted to do something while getting things back on track.

Although , Space War:Protect The Moon is not really good in the terms of game design , Joe Games published it to the Play Store to show some gratitude towards the effort and time put by the team members.

Mukesh Maran,founder of Joe Games added that Joe Games promise that Long Run will be one of the best game coming from Joe Games. Long Run is carefully crafted from the sketch in the terms of levels and design. Joe Games is expecting to finish Long Run by the mid of the year.

For more information,https://www.teamjoegames.xyz/

Title: Space War:Protect The Moon
Publisher: Joe Games
Developer: Joe Games
Platforms: Android
Genre: 2D Casual
Price: Free
Players: Single Player
Rating: 3+

Download from Playstore:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.joegames.spacewartapgun


Game Features

  • Set your own highscore and compete in the leaderboard
  • Tap on the incoming asteroids to explode them

About JoeGames:
Joe Games (002711425-X) is a small team of game developers. Mukesh and Ikmal , Malaysians are the founders of Joe Games. The studio was formed with the purpose of creating fun, creating competitive games , and mainly to make gamers game with purpose. Hellanoid , is the developer’s debut title.

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