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Joe Games get mentioned on Two Guys and A Game ‘s [Episode 15: The Darkside Detective and Fe Review , Budget Game Talk and Nintendo Switch Users Losing Play Time Logs] Podcast.


so um there is a game developer by the name of team Joe right there like a smaller kind of like I don’t want to say indie okay but like there before I can tell you show me this game yes okay so actually kind of a cool game there are two get and there’s another one that I haven’t showed you that that is actually you can’t afford a Nintendo switch you should probably maybe play these maybe you should just save your free they’re literally free if you are if you’re looking for mobile games you should definitely check these ones out because they’re free what’s not to like if the first game is called hell annoyed archers versus dragons now it’s kind of hard to explain without showing you a base of what it is is it’s really really simple controls you start off you have three characters you can choose from you have to unlock the two by playing the actual game it’s really cool concept which a lot of games are forgotten where you don’t have to pay money to unlock characters or play as characters or to like you know really have areas in the map or like stupid falling down Laurel Arbor haunt on that on okay you know what those are fighting words and they say that every time but it’s just the truth you know what I’m just joking i’ve never played for harbor but that’s because fallout 4 was just like i played it so much and then I was just like nah no and I’m not spending money on this I played it I hate buying add-ons like six months after I played through a game it’s just so hard to get back in to put them those games like Mass Effect and drama board doesn’t have any and I miss it no add-ons no yeah that’s like all the games I play lately like Super Mario Odyssey do I read yeah no no I’ll take that back just got their first add-on that’s exciting it’s actually a really good add-on that’s cool yeah anyways continue so basically what it is is it’s just a really simple game and it’s very addicting because you’re it’s kind of like a rail shooter in a way well your your dude is walking and the first dude you start with is the guy was a little Lance that he throws and there’s a lame Lance I don’t know what his name is known as theirs well my guys name was hotter obviously and there’s one singular thing you throw so like you basically you hold an angle your finger and then then like you see the little line that arcs up as to where you’re gonna throw your little arrow or your Lance and then they’re these drag Coughlin’s there’s like six different levels they can be on as they come at you and you just have to basically angle it so you throw and it hits them and it sounds really simple and it’s a really simple concept it’s really simple game to get into but it is challenging I mean I’m in top 20 in the entire world right now no big deal or any acts I think I’m top 10 now oh I don’t even remember is it because they were set the game times on there possibly yeah possibly possibly why because I’m not that good but I do have all the characters unlocked and so you have like your little Knight dude and then you can eventually unlock your archer which like he has like he throws like three arrows instead of one okay so it’s really cool and then events you can are like a wizard that has he only throws one like a little fireball deal but it’s easier to control so as you progress you can get further in the game and like it’s really just really fun simple game there are a lot of ads to watch every time you die you can have one continue so you can keep racking up points on that playthrough so you do have to watch a quick 30 second ad to keep going but considering it is a game that you do not pay for news I can if I’m an indie developer I personally have no problem sitting through 30 seconds of an ad because I watch I enjoyed the game yeah and I’m still playing like I play the last couple days kind of playing another one but I’ve really been enjoying it so if you guys if that sounds fun to you again it’s called hellanoid that’s hellanoid archers versus dragons it’s totally free super fun you can fun on the Android store and everything right now the other game which if you’re not a fan of kind of like of a game of that style you want like a really really simple game that is super addictive and this one it’s actually more addictive and arty versus dragons and this cocaine was addictive they came in just a little meth that was a really dark joke it’s gonna get dark area to get darker spots grass it’s going to be the darkest podcast year of our lives TJ with the darkest dear adventures Morty I’m gonna break up your parents Morty anyway so it’s a this game is even like us an even simpler concept and it’s called space Wars defend the moon add too many words too many words too many words too many words so literally all you have to do in this game it’s it’s so painfully simple but it’s so fresh literally you have a moon and you have to defend it from asteroids that are flying at it and you defend them by literally clicking on them and they like kind of like just blow up hmm so it sounds like you’re kind of like I feel like I’ve heard a game like this before so what kind of takes like a couple different concepts of games and kind of pushing together and like a really unique fun twitch which I really enjoyed and like aside from the fact that you have to turn the brightness up on your phone like a lot I think so I have my brightness that half way I couldn’t see half the asteroids that’s the only thing I would say that maybe I would maybe that makes the game more dolphin which it does and I feel like that’s maybe like would make it more challenging and more fun for some people but for me I was like I already can’t see like dark that well as it is so I was like I gotta break this up but it’s super super fun it’s super easy you just click on them and they blow up and that’s it and it can get really that challenging as you get closer to into the levels because like they are like instead of like one or two coming at you at a time they’ll be like 10 come on Oh God so it’s really just like I know asteroids then all something like four come at you and these games are still development too like he’s always doing add-ons and all this kind of stuff so it’s really cool and there’s a couple other games as well that he’s working on but so but you can check out both these games on the Google Play Store as well as on their website team Joe games.com um there’s a couple of the projects he has in the work there’s one that it’s like a runner game where it’s like I came up in the name of it right now but I should have written down the names there’s two is working to sound really fun one of the first person yeah just get your shadows I’m sorry take your shit to the shit store and sell it but just get it together okay I’m sorry that was my summer impersonation I’m not very good at it summers yeah summers hard to do grandpa Rick what are you doing so I was okay I’m working on it I’m working on it Hey oh yeah team Joe team Joe games I hit them up real quick on a comment and said okay we wouldn’t talk about you guys and they seemed like they were really like whoa people are gonna talk nice okay go blow your air out there I don’t really care actually no he wants to go whack off someone we all fuck them off no well yeah so one give them a quick shoutout just because they have some of the cool stuff in the works so defecate benign on them Team Joe Games dot com they actually like have some like t-shirts they sell and stuff and it seems like a pretty please like a pretty cool site and team so definitely go ahead and check them out be sure to give them a fall on social media as well team do games I will be sure to tag them in this on Facebook if I remember so I’ll probably forget but I’ll try not to forget but yeah well give them a cool chatter and yeah that’s all

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